Arm in Arm release the music video for their new song 'Nightfly'

Melodic house duo Arm in Arm drop their spooky new music video Nightfly

Feeling a lack of Halloween vibes lately? You’re in luck, Arm in Arm have released the clip for their spooky melodic house ballad Nightfly.

The best way to describe this video clip is as an extended and animated version of the Rorschach test – those ink blots that psychologists use to test what image syou see in random symmetrical blobs.

Arm in Arm have released the visual to their new alternative house tune Nighfly, creating a chilling and kaleidoscopic nightscape.

It’s chock-full of mirrored images, bird-life, masks and serious facial expressions. The overall effect is of looking into a dark, warped kaleidoscope.

The video seems to present us a wild, mind-altering nightscape, with the lyrics, “I’m gonna set you free before the sunrise” and owls being released into the blackness.

Arm in Arm is made up of Eliza Jacobs and Luke Moore-Martin. Their aim is to connect with people through melodic house music, giving the genre a soul through sky-high rhythms and mesmerising hooks. This commitment to making people move even attracted German house veterans Booka Shade to remix Nightfly.

Check out the video clip above or stream the song on Soundcloud. However you listen to it, it’ll make you want to dance.