Canning serve the bread and butter of classic rock on anthemic single ‘Shortline’

In a genre now overrun with subcategories, Canning stand out as masters of pure-bred, classic rock on recent single Shortline.  

Canning have shared Shortline, a dance-ready rock cut that adds to the band’s string of standalone singles released of late. The track opens with gritty guitar strums courtesy of bandmates Ricky Canning and Fritz Armstrong, who make way for the subtle drumwork of Tom Miller. Together, the trio evenly parse their talents around a track so genre-hopping you’d think it has legs. 

From the screechy, sometimes metal-adjacent vocals to the groovy central bassline, no stone of the rock genre is left unturned on Shortline. Adding to the eclectic mix, Canning later introduce doo-wop backing harmonies and an electric guitar solo. For a lesser band, the cacophony of sounds might overwhelm, but Canning’s mastery of their respective instruments binds Shortline around a singular vision.    

Canning single 'Shortline'

Lyrically, the band sings in anthemic vocals of hiding truths and burying one’s free will, while ruminating on the days yet to come. It’s the sort of diverse lyricism you’d expect from a band who cites the likes of Bjork, Franz Liszt, The Allman Brothers and Radiohead as key influences, and yet, with its distinct flair and unforgettable rhythm, Shortline feels like something else entirely.    

While the streamable version undoubtedly does the track justice, the band’s palpable confidence makes it impossible not to imagine Shortline performed live. Complete with thrashing guitar riffs and a rowdy final bridge, the track seems purpose-built for the bedlam of an audience, which is why the trio describe themselves “simply [as] a live band.” 

“​​A true connection can be made by experiencing the depths and devotion found within the assault or the gentle caress of a live show.” Canning’s confidence in their sets is well-placed, having completed 100 live shows which no-doubt showcased their classic rock sound in all its unabashed glory. 

Shortline is one of a string of singles released by Canning in recent years. In 2022, the band shared standalone tracks For You and Collide, and made their debut with the 2016 album Disjunted. Listen to Shortline below, and head to Canning’s website here to keep up to date with upcoming projects from the band.