Cara Mél brings out the sun on her honey-soaked debut single ‘I Lived’

On her debut single, Cara Mél ushers in resilience through sugar-coated melodies and tart riffs. I Lived is a track perfectly suited to the moment, evocative and comfortingly authentic.

Spring has finally arrived. Jasmine is perfuming the air, the sun is peeking out from behind the clouds, and the warm breeze is there to wrap you in nostalgia. Everything about this time is soft and sugary, just like Cara Mél’s latest single.

Draped in lush tones and even sweeter textures, I Lived is a glistening affirmation for the optimist in us all. It is a release that makes light out of our darkest moments and pushes forward even when it seems impossible.

cara mél

As a debut single, I Lived blooms in every possible way. Swelling in with a bright, punchy melody, the track gives off musical theatre-esque positivity from the get-go. Add in an utterly addictive rhythmic flavour and the artist’s ability to cast her voice from a summery lullaby to a powerful belt in seconds, and you’ve got yourself a truly formidable single, one that is able to navigate its subject matter with outstanding clarity.

While some artists use breezy stylings as a balm for deeper issues, Cara Mél is utterly honest in her songwriting. Singing of resilience and the necessity to persevere, the Brisbane-based songwriter has enough energy to beckon the sun during a storm.


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“Cara Mél’s debut single, “I Lived”, takes you on her journey of finding silver linings in life, following her momentous move from Indonesia in 2015,” the artist’s bio reads. “Just as the chorus goes, “You only live once so make a fool of it”, the song speaks volume about embracing mistakes and bouncing back stronger each time. The debut single is now available on all music streaming platforms.”

Cara Mél has penned a song perfectly suited to the moment. Hopeful, ambitious, with the perfect balance of grit, there is nothing about I Lived to fault. We’re perched on the edge of our seats waiting to see what the songwriter delivers next.

Check out I Lived below: