Carriageworks are giving Sydney’s music scene a massive boost with a new live venue

As the discussion around the lockout laws continue, the very good people at Carriageworks have announced plans to expand and build a new live music venue on their existing premises.

Carriageworks expansion

According to a report in the Sydney Morning Herald, the new venue is set to be active by 2021, and will play host to several music festivals. It’s all a part of Carriageworks’ Six-Year Strategy 2016-2021, which proposes to add a 5000-seat live music venue, a 200-seat cinema, a public exhibition space, new bars and restaurants to the historic Eveleigh Rail Yards. Amongst other renovations will be the size of the farmers markets on the weekend, as well as adding weekday market and more food events during the year.

Lisa Havilah, the director of Carriageworks, says she will seek government funding and private investment to fund the expansion, that is expected to cost 50 to 60 million dollars.

Via Fairfax.