Casa Rosa list their top five brews for lone ridin’ or hanging with your besties

Casa Rosa cheers to their new single Lone Rider with a list of their five favourite locally brewed beers. 

Casa Rosa are just weeks out from the release of their latest track Lone Rider, which means that a well-deserved celebratory drink is in order. The March single saw the Sydney musical duo — comprised of brothers Josh and Sam Harper — deliver an alt-country flair to their candid reflections on touring, as influenced by the sonic style of a Sergio Leone or Quentin Tarantino western movie. 

The country-flavoured tune — which could easily soundtrack warm-hued shots of a desert-bound highway with tumbleweeds — marked the pair’s first release since early 2023, and aligns with their self-described inspirations of “classic blues and country” and “their recent trip to the US,” they said in a recent interview with Happy Mag. Lone Rider is the first in a swathe of new offerings set to be recorded by Casa Rosa this year. 

Credit: Casa Rosa/Facebook

Inspired by their new single and in justifiable need of a congratulatory beer, Happy Mag sat down with Casa Rosa for a run-through of their favourite brews — whether you’re lone ridin’ or hitchhiking with mates. Drink up with the duo’s top five list below, and scroll down to listen to their new single Lone Rider. 

While we love writing, recording and playing live shows, there is one other important thing that gets us through the work week. Sharing a drink with our bandmates, friends and family is one of life’s great pleasures. Many of the roadblocks we as Casa Rosa have faced have been hashed out over a couple of frothys in the backyard,” the band said of their drinks menus. “Not to mention, there is no greater joy than a few six-packs waiting for you in the green room. We wanted to put together a list of five of our favourite fermented friends, focusing on brews from our native NSW.” 

#5 – Young Henry’s Natural Lager

We’ve all indulged in the iconic Newtowner from the guys at Young Henry’s but we reckon their Natural Lager is a more approachable, sesh-friendly beer. This slightly cloudy lager satisfies the craft-beer inclined without feeling like you’ve eaten a bowl of fruit with every sip. A Sydney classic!

#4 – The Grifter Pale Ale

If you’ve been to Marrickville or Newtown, you’ve probably seen the glowing orange signs for The Grifter’s beers. Their Pale Ale is another Sydney classic, very session-able but with some girth to it. The Grifter’s Omen Stout and Cucumber Kolsch are also great. Be sure to check out the brewery right next to the Vic on the Park in Marrickville!

#3 – Yulli’s Brews Seabass Lager

Everyone should pay a visit to Yulli’s Brews. We’ve played a gig or two there and it’s always a good time. They serve amazing vegan food and have heaps of interesting drinks on tap too. The Seabass Lager is our favourite. Perfect refreshment for a hot steamy day.  

#2 – Toohey’s Old

I know what you’re thinking. How could this codger beer be number 2? Just try it. It’s not like drinking a full-on dark beer. It bridges the gap between craft and standard beer. Toohey’s Old is just good. If you’re feeling brave, try a 50/50: half Toohey’s Old, half Toohey’s New. That’s innovation.

Casa Rosa

#1– Boags XXX Ale

James Boag’s XXX Ale – known by the initiated as Boag’s Red – is brewed from the crystal-clear mountain springs of Tasmania. Our good friend Alex from Good Lekker put us on to this one. This beverage is a well kept secret from across the Tasman, and can rarely be found anywhere on the mainland. Josh is considering starting a petition to approve the export of Boags Red to a bar near you.