"Nail Art": Aria Wood's sonic ode to the repetitive beauty of Sydney's chaos

“Nail Art”: Aria Wood’s sonic ode to the repetitive beauty of Sydney’s chaos

With an impressive debut as an indie pop artist in 2019, Aria Wood has returned to the scene in full swing with her eclectic new release “Nail Art”; an exploration of complicated relationships and Sydney’s infuriating traffic.  

“Nail Art” wastes no time in introducing the fast-paced consumerist mindset necessary for navigating city life. Wood’s dead-pan vocal delivery shoots across sentiments of lower-middle-class apathy, and candid confrontation towards bad friends and partners.

With what can only be described as the love-child of Charli XCX, Laura Marling, and a full packet of red pop rock exploding on your tongue, “Nail Art” ties together the rapid and polished sweetness of traditional pop, with the sentiment and emotions of folk writing. The hyper-pop sensibilities are in perfect balance, never overwhelming your senses, but insinuating a necessary caution of overstimulation. 

aria wood

The track is a playful, poetic nod to the irony of trying to find meaning and solace in a world that can seem completely oversaturated and utterly ridiculous. Every CBD, Sydney included, is an assault on the senses, and the only way to ensure your brain doesn’t start leaking out of your ears is to navigate on autopilot, your mind numb to the hustle and bustle. The juxtaposition of feeling numb to the chaos is a concept Aria was intending, “I wanted this song to be repetitive and kinetic – to make it feel like movement – like you are in a car or on a bike or running or walking. I wanted it to sound like monotonous movement.” 

Aria has an arsenal of city references at her disposal, from her early years growing up in Sydney, to her time over the pandemic in London while she was studying sound design, to the vibrant energy of Melbourne’s laneways where she currently resides- there is a clear and rich tapestry of influences weaved into her music, creating a dynamic soundscape that reflects the beauty and complexity of urban life.

Her commitment to sonic intricacy was one honed from a young age, experimenting on her dad’s computer and discovering the expansive world of audio production. Her instincts for sound design and creative experimentation manifested as a deep interest to produce her own music “I soon realised I could have total control over my music with the power of production”. 

“Nail Art” is the first chapter of this momentous return to the scene, and listeners have a lot to look forward to as Aria Wood’s sonic world continues to beautifully balance clever abstraction and mundane relatability. As the frontwoman of the music’s production, writing, development, and performance, Aria Wood’s upcoming EP “Walking Pace” promises to be a continuation of her creative playfulness.