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Catch your very first glimpse of Robert Pattinson’s Batmobile

We’ve seen the Batmobile countless times, but not quite like this.

Upcoming Batman film The Batman has begun hyping its fans by publicly releasing a small collection of photos of the iconic ride.

Photo: Matt Reeves via Twitter

Director Matt Reeves has unveiled the newest Batmobile, for upcoming film The Batman starring Robert Pattinson.

Ben Affleck was planned to star in the upcoming solo Batman movie, but soon left the project. Director Reeves stepped up, casting Pattinson from the now infamous Twilight (and to his credit, a number of excellent indie films since then) to play the caped crusader.

Today, Reeves excited DC fans all over Twitter by releasing not one, but three images of the vehicle.

The new ride resembles a beefed-up muscle car, and Pattinson standing next to it only elevates the wow factor. The red taillights give the transport a moody feel, and the all black exterior keeps it looking slick as ever. The two colours perfectly coincide with the teaser Reeves dropped earlier in the year; which also featured the red and black pairing. These new photos also give us a closer inspection of Pattinson’s costume as Batman.

The collection of images also give us the first look at the cape, which flows black; no surprises there. This is a tasty teaser sure to entice DC fans, and keep them going until the next, inevitable slice of information Reeves and his team are willing to unmask.

If you want to know more about the anticipated film, here’s a closer look at Patterson as the new Batman.