Cats are obsessed with FKA Twigs and we’re all super confused

Everyone is getting on the FKA Twigs train right now, and how can you not while her incredible work is pushing the boundaries of pop music itself.

However, it isn’t only people that are obsessed with her; everyone’s cats are too. And Twigs (a.k.a Tahliah Debrett Barnett) is just as confused as the rest of us.

Photo: Twitter Screenshot from @ninaa929 video

Everyone’s cats are obsessed with watching British singer-songwriter FKA Twigs, and she, along with the rest of us, is super confused.

Cats are known to have short attention spans, always finding something new to climb on or scratch at. But not in the presence of FKA Twigs. Fans have been noticing that their cats have been absolutely hypnotised by the singer and have been sharing videos with the artist via Twitter.

It all started on February 14 when Twitter user @makeo_gg filmed their cat Bella watching a live performance, with the artist finally tweeting on February 20, “lol why are cats obsessed with me?”

Weeks later and people are still posting videos of their cats in an FKA Twigs trance.

“This is insane. I’m so honoured and confused, the singer posted to twitter, retweeting yet another cat video.

One Twitter user even said the presence of the singer cured their cat from their usually psychopathic behaviours.

It sounds to us that Twigs has discovered some sort of supernatural cat-attracting ability. Is this a good or a bad thing, or is it just a weird but kinda cool development that the internet really needed? Let’s go with the latter.