Catseye Parish’s new single See You There is absolutely angelic

Fresh out of the Wagga is See You There, the new single from Catseye Parish, and we’ve got few other words to describe it than simply lovely.

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After dabbling in a range of heavier indie-rock bands, See You There gives us a delightful taste of James McArthur’s softer, more acoustic side.

It is the third single from his recent solo project and its clever composition, as well as refined production value, gives us a great deal to look forward to.

If there is anything that Catseye Parish knows about music, it is that steady, minimal build-ups of acoustic instruments work a treat to emphasise big dreamy finishes. This is exactly the approach Catseye Parish has taken on See You There, limiting the song to just a vocal and guitar track at the beginning as if it to say, ‘cut the bullshit, here’s who I am’. And what a pleasure it is to hear without distraction the beauty of McArthur’s tenor voice which soars without fault over the gentle strums of an acoustic guitar, like a silver cloud.

Drifting in seamlessly with an expertly refined balance, are touches of sustained vocal harmonies and hints of extra guitar tracks which bolster the song’s existing nuances with a greater sense of purpose.

See You There is a song about aspiring to be the best version of yourself and moving onward with courage and grace. Musically, the song captures such concepts brilliantly. The gradual progression from its stripped-back beginnings to the more densely layered instrumental chorus organically reflects McArthur’s conceptual metamorphosis with a tasteful and mature elegance.

The chorus of See You There is really the moment of Catseye Parish’s musical finesse as the carefully considered layering of drums, bass, and guitar tracks emboss the track with just the right amount of extra punch to transcend the listening experience into new heights of auditory euphoria.

See You There is the most recent single from Catseye Parish’s upcoming EP, and bloody hell, we can’t wait to hear the rest of it.

Have a listen through the new song above.