Cedarsmoke showcase their sonic duality on ‘Keep Passing The Open Windows’

Cedarsmoke have triumphantly returned with a brand new single, Keep Passing The Open Windows, ahead of the release of their new EP, Everything Is The Worst, set to be released next month. 

Distorted guitars, gravelly vocals and sunny choruses tie this track together to pay homage to the guitar-driven rock of the 1990’s, while voicing the cynicism of Australia’s modern-day youth. 


Keep Passing The Open Windows is the perfect track to add to your Summer playlist, ironically coupling sardonic lyricism with the band’s signature cheery sound. 

Cedarsmoke combine upbeat percussion and catchy guitar riffs to establish a mellow, indie vibe. However, it’s the raspy vocals of Jon Cloumassis, tinged with melancholy and bitterness that makes this track more of an indie-pop, alt-rock, punk hybrid. Both instrumentally and vocally, Cedarsmoke might be compared to surfy garage rock of bands like Skeggs; however, it can be seen that Cedarsmoke take a gloomier approach to their lyrics, placing storytelling at the forefront of their music. It is these purposeful details and intricacies added to Keep Passing The Open Windows which make it a standout release. 

Pure Heroin and other previous releases have been supported by music publications and radio stations all around Australia, proving that Cedarsmoke is shaping up to be a hot topic in the Australian indie-rock scene. It seems as though with every release, the group reveal another aspect of their skills and ability, with songwriting standing out in this particular track. While “the drag of everyday life” is a recurrent theme for Cedarsmoke, the band approaches it in new and exciting ways with every song, spinning a dark sense of humour and irresolute outlook on life in ways which you might not expect, almost making you feel good about feeling not so good. Furthermore, it is no surprise that the group would choose Keep Passing The Open Windows as the lead single for their new EP, pulling some very fitting lyrics from the song to use as the title of the EP, Everything Is The Worst.

Cedarsmoke is set to release their new EP, Everything Is The Worst at Brisbane’s on March 20. For now, soak up the bitter-sweet vibes of Keep Passing The Open Window below.