CGI artist Mark Winklemann has taken the world by storm with 3650 illustrations, one per day for 10 years

CGI master artist Mike Winklemann, also known as Beeple, has been working on a a new digital illustration each day, for 10 years straight. Winklemann is the creative genuis behind the Flying Lotus and Brainfeeder video clips and is now approaching a decade behind his daily series everydays.

Strongly carried by the momentum of the project, Winklemann creates in rain, hail or shine and has pushed through some pretty graphic food poisoning in order to stick to his pursuit.

That’s right, every 24 hours Winklemann creates a new, out of this world digital illustration and today just so happens to mark his 3,650th uninterrupted day. The diverse imagery created by the Wisconsin-based artist range anywhere from sci-fi to abstract, illusional to symbolic and animated to humorous.

Each day is a constant challenge for the married father of two, with a goal of incorporating a new style or creating something vastly different from the previous piece. A single illustration can take anywhere from five minutes to complete, to a number of hours.

Often putting everydays first and unable to commit to many other things in life other than his family, Winklemann gets through the harder days by planning in advance and making sure to get everydays out of the way before going out drinking with friends or whilst travelling.

Winklemann finds inspiration from Ghost in the Shell VFX work and GMUNK, with the ultimate dream to collaborate with Aphex Twin. With no intention of giving up in the near future, Winklemann has accepted the project will eventually run its course and until then, is taking each day as it comes.

Via Creators.