Charlie-Moon Meader confronts homesickness with grace in his new single

With a little nostalgia and a whole lotta twang, Charlie-Moon Meader has our heartstrings well and truly tugged with his new single I Wanna Go Home.

The track covers the all-consuming feeling of homesickness with grace and style. It’s a simple notion but one almost everyone in the world can connect with, and the bridge Charlie-Moon Meader builds with his audience is something to behold.

Charlie-Moon Meader I Wanna Go Home

If you’re away from home, this one’s gonna be hard to listen to. Charlie-Moon Meader’s newest single is an emotional triumph underscored by some seriously handy songcraft.

Overseas in LA and back home in Perth, Charlie-Moon Meader’s live repertoire consists of a growing quiver of originals plus stripped-down covers of some of the all time classics; think 99 Problems or Let Me Love You. It’s no surprise, then, that I Wanna Go Home bubbles with a warm R&B charm.

The chorus hits like a freight train; the lyrics singing of homesickness, anxiety, and the great unknowns of our futures. Every musician (and let’s be real, person) on this earth has tackled a lack of direction in their lives; this song speaks to our shared experience in a profound and catchy fashion.

I Wanna Go Home also comes alongside a truly stunning clip, following Charlie-Moon and a flower-crowned woman as they travel through psychedelic, washed out landscapes. Check it out for yourself above.

The new single marks a taste of an EP from Charlie-Moon Meader, no doubt as smooth as I Wanna Go Home itself. No release date has been shared as of yet, so keep an ear to the ground for news soon.


I Wanna Go Home is out now.