6 albums that influenced the new EP from Nick Nuisance & The Delinquents

Cheap things: 6 records that influenced the new EP from Nick Nuisance & The Delinquents

Nick Nuisance & The Delinquents say a lot with very little. Their new EP Cheap Things packs six tracks into barely more than twelve minutes. But any other time spent doing what they do would have been wasted, because they do what they do so fucking well.

Singer Nick Leighton’s acerbic drawl spits acidic tales of mundanity that are fresh like an Indian curry, while Cameron Holdstock’s Yamaha Samurai spews chunky chords and squalls of feedback. Declan Press and Cath Conlan on bass and drums respectively are the bedrock, an unshakable foundation for the other two to float and spar upon.

Having worked alongside Straight Arrows‘ Owen Penglis, and Mikey Young (Eddy Current, Total Control) on the record, punk and garage are obvious touch-points for the band, with shades of The Stooges and Eddy Current Suppression Ring shining through. To find out a little more, we asked Nick himself to share with us the six records that influenced Cheap Things.

nick nuisance

Nick Leighton shares with us the six records that influenced Cheap Things, the ripper new EP from Nick Nuisance & The Delinquents.

Fire Of Love – Gun Club

Gun Club really do it for us. What more should I say? This tune specifically is a burner, first heard it on a compilation where I discovered The Cramps and The Sonics. Shit, where is that actually?

What’s The Use – 12 Tales of Teen Torment

This is the first record I ever bought. It’s a compilation of twelve ‘forgotten losers’ of 60s Australian garage. It’s raw and most of the songs are recorded really badly, but it’s why I started playing a guitar, because they made it sound so easy! The title track is an absolute killer!

Flamingo – Flamin’ Groovies

I’m still not sure why Flamin’ Groovies aren’t a thing anymore. I saw them once in my home town Tweed Heads at an RSL and there was no one really there, and I was the youngest by miles. Back in the day they supported The Stooges and released heaps of albums. The song I’ve chosen from it is their slow burner because I rediscovered it last night and it hit my feeling box real hard. Huge inspiration for playing the rocks and rolls.

Fun House – The Stooges

I don’t have to explain this one. I mean, this was a given. “I’m dirt, and I don’t caaaarrreeee”

Surfer Rosa – Pixies

My first favourite band and still up on the list, Pixies, are a huge reason we write the music that we do and this version of Vamos really G’d me up because I realised you don’t have to be a math rock genius to write a good tune. Joey Santiago’s solo towards the tail end of the video is legendary, me and Cam just play feedback in solo sections now. Frank Black’s scream, Kim Deal’s slithering bass, and Dave Lovering’s intensity. Give me more, baby.

Modern Lovers – Modern Lovers

We bloody love Johnny and can’t believe he tried to stop this album from being released. You’ll find me trying to remember the chords and words to this one late at a party. If you’re ever around me, just nod and try sing along, I won’t persevere for too long.

Listen to Cheap Things from Nick Nuisance and The Delinquents below.