Ciggies, drugs, and servo snacks: Nick Nuisance & The Delinquents and 100 interview each other

100 and Nick Nuisance & The Delinquents are two of the best band kicking around right now. If you disagree, you’re wrong. This Sunday, at Marrickville’s iconic bowling club, the two Sydney acts will be kicking off a huge nation-wide co-headline tour. They’ll have a new split 7″ for sale, and a lot of great support bands, and we strongly recommend you head along.

But before then, the two bands caught up with one another to ask some hard-hitting questions.

Photo: Tim Baker

Before they kick off a huge nation-wide tour together this Sunday, Nick Nuisance & The Delinquents and 100 caught up with one another for a chat.

100 interview Nick Nuisance & The Delinquents

100: Any new year resolutions for 2019?

NNTD: Keep on rawkin’ in the free world

100: Rollies or tailors?

NNTD: Tailors for the camera, rollies for the lungs.

100: You guys are known for your high energy live show, what’s your favourite venue to play in Sydney?

NNTD: I’m always stoked to play at Marrickville Bowls Club. Playing there this Sunday. Wanna jump on the lineup?

100: Who’s gonna be in charge of the aux cord on our drive up to Byron? How will you deal listening to Paris’ trap music for 8 hours?

NNTD: We’ve been really anxious about this and I hoped the question would have come up when we were in the van instead! I’ve got a plan though. We’ll have the front seat passenger’s phone hooked up and we can all text requests to them, depending on who the person is, all songs should get a spin. I’ve heard Paris is a trap-head! Everyone’s yakking on about it!

100: Don’t forget to stop revive survive. What’s your go-to servo snack?

NNTD: Cam likes Curly Wurly’s, Catho likes Breakaways but I don’t think you can get them anymore. Wayland likes fresh air and I like Ginger Beer and a Twirl.

100: We’ll be spending a bunch of time in close company with NNTD, Which delinquent or 100 member is likely to get on everyone’s nerves the fastest?

NNTD: We’ll take turns to make it hell!

100: What makes Nick a nuisance and who’s the biggest delinquent?

NNTD: Nick’s just a bit cheeky. Biggest delinquent is Cam. You’ll find out why, and I can’t wait until you do!

100: Most of your members live in Petersham yeah? What’s the best thing Petersham has to offer?

NNTD: The old men sitting out the front of Honeymoon Cafe every morning, smoking and listening to Portuguese radio and $5 steaks at the Livingstone on a Sunday.

100: Nick, you’ve been on tour already with other bands for 3 or 4 months. Are you ready for this one? Can you handle it?

NNTD: Totally not ready, might pull out!

100: You’re about to go on stage but you can’t find Cath? Where would she be?

NNTD: Well, this has actually happened a few times! She’s usually holding court with a couple of people circled around her by the stage.

Nick Nuisance & The Delinquents interview 100

NNTD: Hey 100! There are rumours that the 100 boys are pretty sexy boys. True?

100: Been known to on occasion.

NNTD: You’re at a bowls club doing barefoot bowls with some oldies – what are you drinking?

100: Shandy while bowling, moving onto some Sav Blanc post game.

NNTD: Ratchet is a hot track. What else is hot?

100: Walking barefoot from the car to the beach on a bright summer’s day.

NNTD: It’s your first tour! Are you all going to be simultaneously reading On The Road by Jack Kerouac and soaking it in, or are you going to dig deep into the beers?

100: I reckon we’ll be wrist deep in melted ice, looking for the last few beers in the esky.

NNTD: When you need shoes, where do you go, and what do you buy?

100: I’m in need of some running shoes at the moment. So some of those. Ones that feel really comfy. I’m not sure where to get them. Any tips?

NNTD: When you need apples, where do you go? Red or green apples?

100: Green apples for sure, disguised as brown onions on the Woolies self serve checkout.

NNTD: Hungover, late for work, what do you buy to sustain you for an 8 hour day?

100: Berocca, black coffee and a beer – in that order, repeat every 4 hours

NNTD: Preferred drug of choice?

100: No idea what you’re talking about… (Mushrooms, Pingas, Cocaine on special occasions like weekends… bit of acid never hurts either)

NNTD: Can you guys drive? We’re driving a leg and don’t want to have to drive the whole time.

100: No stress, We can all share captain duties

NNTD: Who are your favourite Sydney bands?

100: Oh obviously, Nick Nuisance & The Delinquents

Catch Nick Nuisance & The Delinquents and 100 live at any of the following dates:

27 Jan – Marrickville Bowling Club, Sydney
31 Jan – The Cambridge, Newcastle
Feb 1 – The Northern, Byron Bay
Feb 8 – Rad Bar, Wollongong
Feb 14 – The Old Bar, Fitzroy
Feb 15 – The Eastern, Ballarat
Feb 21 – The Bearded Lady, Brisbane
Feb 22 – Vinnies Dive, Gold Coast (NNTD only)

More info here. Grab yourself a copy of their split 7″ here.