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PREMIERE: Sydney industrial darkwave quartet City Rose return with 777

City Rose blossomed out of four creatives’ dissatisfaction with the European-inspired post-punk scene in Sydney. Their mutual creative, musical, literary and conceptual interests made it easy to spark sonic chemistry; their sound is mature and well-researched.

The band’s niche has allowed them to bypass playing shows to no-one. People in Sydney want what City Rose are giving; industrial European darkwave, both poignant and romantic. Their latest single 777 follows on from their two debut releases and has sparked considerable interest from spectators nation-wide.

With a sound heavily inspired by the Scandinavian post-punk scene and a look that screams “who cares, it’s only fashion,” Sydney darkwave quartet City Rose has returned with their third single 777. 

Andrew Exten, Patrick McCarthy, Hunter Auzins and Lucy Howroyd formed City Rose in 2017, and the band have spent the last two years working hard at perfecting their sound. 777 is dark and romantic. Spanning over 7 minutes, the song is reminiscent of the Bauhaus epic Bela Lugosi’s Dead. 

The track is layered with thunderous bass, pounding drums and assertive guitar. The vocals are largely based on a minor key tonality and the lyrics are both poetic and introspective. Listen to the track below:

City Rose’s debut EP is dropping early this year. Exactly when is anyone’s guess, even the band’s.

“777 is a track off our upcoming debut EP due in a month or two, exactly when we haven’t figured out“.

City Rose are about to head on tour with British five-piece IDLES, with shows lined-up with the band at The Landsdowne and Oxford Arts Factory. Dates below:

January 28, 2019 – Oxford Art Factory
January 29, 2019 – The Landsdowne


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January 25, 2019