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The Slingers offer up a degustation plate of influential tunes

The Slingers have been killing it lately. With the release of their latest single Ned Kelly, and an imminent collab with Melbourne hero Spike Fuck, the five-piece are quickly becoming one of our favourite bands making the rounds.

For the past number of months, we’ve been feasting on their music. So, we asked them to share with us a playlist of the tunes they’ve been loving.

Fresh off the release of their latest single Ned Kelly, Melbourne five-piece The Slingers have shared a playlist of tunes that have influenced them “politically, spiritually and, at times, musically.” 

This is a small degustation plate featuring some of the artists who have influenced us politically, spiritually and, at times, musically. Prime amongst them is short-time collaborator and long-time friend, Spike Fuck- the greatest poet since W.B Yeats, or at least, since Shaun William Ryder.” *Tips pin-striped fedora with deference and gratitude*

Listen to Ned Kelly here.


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January 25, 2019