Tropical Strength share Drone Song, recorded live at The Pinshed Sound Laboratory

Pastiche sonic collage artists Tropical Strength return with Drone Song, the first track to spawn solely from the band’s unique live experience. It’s also the Strength’s first original track since their debut album Zutti was released midway through last year.

Photo by Riccardo Quirke.

Drone Song is the first Tropical Strength track to spawn from the live experience, having become a staple in the band’s live repertoire.

The track transformed organically as the band travelled along the east coast as part of their Zutti debut album tour in 2018. The track was developed with only three members of the full seven-piece lineup, but as the band continued to play it live each member came up with their own integral parts.

The 9-and-a-half minute pulsatingly psychedelic track was originally meant to exist exclusively as part of the band’s live set, and frontman Al O’Vera was unsure of whether the track would ever be recorded because it relied so heavily on the band’s interplay and energy.

Said Al O’Vera of the clip:

“When Merlin Magneto (of The Pinheads) mentioned he wanted to start recording live clips of bands in The Pinshed Soundlab (where The Pinheads write and record) I mentioned that I had a Tropical Strength song that would potentially work. Our business associate, Charles Billingsworth, got some projections happening, and Micro Hercules (of The Pinheads) and Big Will filmed.”

“The spider-laden shed had a really great vibe with the lights off; the psych projections late into the night really gave the song an empyrean feel. Drone was recorded straight to tape live by Merlin Magneto, and was performed by the complete Tropical Strength lineup: Sir Dinsington, myself, Luke Spook, Frank Zimmer, Smiles Myjavec and Gene Pools. Micro Hercules edited the clip and it turned out great. Put on headphones, turn out the lights and completely zone out. Experience the magic for yourself.”

The new Tropical Strength lineup features members shared with the likes of The Walking Who, The Babe Rainbow, Luke Spook, Shining Bird, Frank Zimmer and The Pinheads. Joining brothers Al O’Vera (guitar/vox) and Sir Dinsington (keys/vox) are Luke Spook (guitar), Frank Zimmer (bass), Smiles Myjavec (percussion) and Gene Pools (drums).

Watch the clip below:

Catch Tropical Strength playing alongside Georgia June and Bullshirt at Otto’s House Party this Sunday at The Landsdowne. For event info, head over to the Facebook event page.