Check out Childish Gambino’s soulful rendition of Chris Gaines’ Lost In You

In 2015, Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino performed a cover of Tamias So Into You on Triple J’s Like A Version, which has since become the most-watched Like A Version on YouTube ever, with over 26 million views.

After wrapping up his final Childish Gambino tour in Australia, Glover hit up the Triple J studios yesterday for a special mid-week Like A Version, covering none other than Garth Brooks‘ Australian alter-ego Chris Gaines.

Childish Gambino

Childish Gambino hit up the Triple J studio yesterday for a special mid-week Like A Version, covering Chris Gaines’ Lost In You.

Childish Gambino recorded a unique cover for his Aussie fans, delivering a heartfelt rendition of Chris Gaines’ 1999 track Lost In You, backed by a live choir and keyboardist. He managed to turn the campy moodiness of Gaines’ original into a ’90s RnB-style ballad, drenched in soul.

Chris Gaines is the Brisbane-born musician who released his only studio album, The Life of Chris Gaines, in 1999. He’s also a completely fictional character.  He was an alter-ego of American country singer Garth Brooks, who donned a wig and became a moody Aussie pop-rock artist.

Brooks embodied Chris Gaines, his fictional, troubled rock persona, for exactly one album cycle. He also starred in a fake Behind the Music episode and even served as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live, with Brooks appearing as the host. While the Gaines album was, for the most part, kind of a disaster, Lost In You is technically Brooks’ only Top 40 single.

For some reason, Chris Gaines has made a bit of a come back as of late, and the now 20-year-old rock alter-ego will be the subject of Gainesfest 2019: A Celebration of The Life of Chris Gaines, complete with a Chris Gaines look-a-like contest, a Chris Gaines tribute band and an “art sale inspired by Chris Gaines.”

Childish Gambino has not only fed into the Chris Gaines renaissance, but he’s also given new life to his greatest hit. Lost In You is a smooth and soulful slice of earnest balladry that is sure to be another Like A Version favourite, check it out above.