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Check out LoopAtHome this weekend: Ableton’s workshop and performance livestream

This weekend Ableton are presenting LoopAtHome, a series of free music workshops and performances from artists for you to livestream from home.

After Ableton had to postpone their Loop Summit in Berlin due to COVID-19, they have now announced that music creators and fans will be able to attend a similar event this weekend (April 24th-26th) online.Ableton Loop

Ableton’s LoopAtHome event can be livestreamed for free this weekend. It will feature workshops and performances from Andrew Huang, Rachel K Collier and Sebastian Mullaert.

The event can be streamed on the LoopAtHome site or on Youtube and will start each day at 11 am CEST (or 7 pm AEST), beginning with a ‘Daily Challenge + Morning Inspiration’. Participants will also have the opportunity to engage in a discussion with each other and share their process.

Then, at 7 pm CEST, a live artist broadcast will take place, in which you can join the day’s scheduled artist in their home for discussion and a live performance at 9 pm CEST. For Australians on the east coast, that puts the artist broadcast at 3 am to 6 am—not great if you’re not nocturnal, but the livestreams will be saved on Youtube if you need to tap out. The following artists will be performing each day:

  • Friday April 24th: Sebastian Mullaert
  • Saturday April 25th: Rachel K Collier
  • Sunday April 26th: Andrew Huang

The event will conclude each day with a ‘Digital Dancefloor’ which you can join in support of Berlin’s clubs and electronic music institutions.

LoopAtHome is set to be great for anyone interested in songs, beats and sounds, or for anyone who is stuck at home due to COVID. Check it out at Ableton’s website, the LoopAtHome Facebook Group and be sure to use the #LoopAtHome hashtag.