Berlin announces soundproofing fund for clubs, refusing to let noise complaints ruin their nightlife

The Berlin local government has announced a soundproofing initiative for clubs, ensuring people from all over the world will be able to line-up and be swiftly rejected from Berghain for many years to come.

Individual clubs could receive up to 100,000 Euros in funding from the local government to soundproof their premises, with one million euros in total up for grabs.

Berlin nightclubs are set to receive one million euros in government funding to cover soundproofing costs.

Since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, the assurance that freedom of expression is not hindered has become a fundamental part of Berlin culture.

The significant economic benefits of Berlin nightlife, which brings in patrons from far and wide, are also being acknowledged with this funding.

Greens party member Georg Kössler in his support for the program, in 2017 said, “Techno culture has given so much to Berlin, using some taxpayer money to support it is the least we can do.”

This project will help to promote harmony between residents and clubs, and protect the world-renowned nightlife scene, as people pack into closer living quarters in growing cities.

This was the case in Hamburg, which provides the model for Berlin’s new government program.

This noise-protection initiative came into effect at the end of November and an independent jury will start reviewing clubs that qualify for the funding in February 2019.

This public and institutional support of club culture is something that club-enthusiasts around the world would like to see in their own cities.

In Sydney, noise complaints are often debilitating for live music venues, as found in the NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into live music earlier this year.

As space in big cities diminishes and more music venues pop up in suburban areas, noise reduction is an alternative way to protect and support youth culture.

Via Dazed.