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Check out The Musical Chandelier, an innovative performance by Teenage Engineering

As part of the London Design Festival, Teenage Engineering recently created The Musical Chandelier, an immersive performance of light and sound controlled by their device, the OP-Z.

The Swedish electronics and synthesiser company were invited to create the installation by British designer, Tom Dixon, collaborating at the Coal Office, Dixon’s food and design playground in London.

The Musical Chandelier is a sleek performance of light and sound designed by Teenage Engineering, using their groundbreaking sequencer, OP-Z.

The Musical Chandelier was built and designed by Louis Yearwood, Tom Butterfield, and Ben Goldstone. It consists of eight OD-11 speakers mounted upside down in an 80kg frame of aluminum. The final result was an elegant performance of blended light and sound, all controlled by the OP-Z.

OP-Z is the world’s first stand-alone sequencer of its kind, allowing you to sequence music, visuals, lights, and more. With an incredibly beautiful and compact design, the 16-track multimedia synthesiser and sequencer is fully portable, and has a range of both-sample-based and synthesis-based sounds. The device can be used alone, with its intuitive LED-lit interface, or in conjunction with a device with iOS.

All up, the installation used four OP-Zs, two OP-1s (the “portable wonder synthesiser”), and a PO-32 tonic (a drum synthesiser and sequencer), with everything played freely or synced via the oplab modules (the hardware expansion modules for the OP-Z). From there the audio was fed to the eight speakers in the chandelier, plus through a 12k watt custom sound system.

To learn more about the performance, and some of the incredible devices Teenage Engineering have on offer, head over to their website.

Otherwise, check out the video below.


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October 22, 2019