Move over everything: Teenage Engineering teams up with Rabbit – A stylish & future forward AI companion

Rabbit R1 is a personal genie in a gadget, a modern-as-hell walkie-talkie capable of communicating with all of your apps, competent in booking rides, food, flights, and more

Teenage Engineering, the wizards behind pocket synthesizers and minimalist speakers, have teamed up with Rabbit, an AI startup aiming to disrupt the digital assistant scene to create R1: an adorable, pocket-sized rabbit that redefines how we interact with technology.

Forget the sterile blue screens and disembodied voices of yesteryear. R1 is a revolution in user interface, a playful companion that fits snugly in your palm, its pixelated eyes twinkling with the promise of intelligent interaction.

This isn’t just a chatty lil Tamagotchi; it’s a personal genie in a gadget, a modern as hell walkie talkie capable of communicating with all of your apps, capable of booking rides, food, flights, whipping up personalized playlists, and even suggesting the perfect edit for your latest photography project – all without the need for your phone, with just a voice prompt.

The magic lies in the “Rabbit OS,” a platform that eschews the rigidity of traditional voice assistants. Here, conversation reigns supreme.

You tell R1 about your yearning for turquoise waters and sun-kissed beaches, and it weaves a personalized beach adventure, flights and hotels tailored to your desires.

Feeling creatively stifled? R1 transforms into your pocket studio, suggesting beats, mixing melodies with a playful tap, and editing your photos with an artist’s touch.

teenage engineering rabbit r1

But R1 is more than just a smart assistant; it’s a friend. A really good looking friend, hell, we can harp on forever about Teenage Engineering‘s knack for creating stylish marvels, but this lil gem is also hella smart, it learns your preferences, anticipates your needs, and peppers your day with witty asides and playful nudges. Imagine a cute,tech-savvy rabbit perched on your shoulder, whispering tips, suggestions, and reminders while you navigate your day.

Plus, you can teach it it once – and it remembers! “Hey Rabbit, heres how to use mid journey” – cablammo. Done. You can now ask it to do your mid journey bidding – all via a voice prompt.

This isn’t just a quirky gadget; it’s a potential paradigm shift. We’re accustomed to technology dictating our interactions, but R1 flips the script, putting the conversation back in our hands.

It’s a testament to the creative powerhouses that are Teenage Engineering and Rabbit, a marriage of playful design genius and future forward vision.

So, keep your eyes peeled for the fluorescent orange glow. R1 is hopping its way out of the burrow, and the future of AI just got a whole lot cuter.

Pre order here, first deliveries are set for April, and July.