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Our latest obsession: Sony A7IV – The Game-Changing Full Frame Hybrid Camera

Pouring some love on the Sony A7IV (ILCE-7M4) – why? Because we’re obsessed, and it’s pretty much the best camera on the planet

We’re usually glued behind a camera at Happy Mag, and Sony recently lent us a little gem that has got us absolutely hooked.

So hooked, in fact, that we’re about to dip into our pockets and make it a permanent part of our gear collection.

best camera ever

Why? Well, after spending some quality time with the Sony A7IV, it’s tough to switch to anything else.

They asked for it back, and we reluctantly obliged – but this gem is set to continue as the main cam for shooting our interviews to our weekly Live From Happy’s.

So, what’s the big fuss about? For starters, this camera is like the Swiss Army knife of the photography world. It’s a little bit heavier, sure, but after a few days on this puppy, it’ll have you feeling like the A7III is way too small in grip, depth and weight for all your cinematic needs.

Okay, so the specifics. We all know that it’s predecessors weren’t the best for stills despite their great intentions. But the A7IV is the definition of a hybrid powerhouse, delivering stunning 33MP stills and buttery-smooth 4K 60p video without breaking a sweat (or overheating, thank goodness).


It’s almost too easy, and when you’re on the go as fast as we are, we couldn’t be more grateful for that, largely thanks to the improved Sony A7IV autofocus system. So get ready to say goodbye to those heartbreaking blurry action shots or missed wildlife moments – this thing locks on like nothing else.

And speaking of upgrades, Sony gave the ergonomics some love. The tilting mechanism on the previous model was helpful, but the new fully articulating touchscreen LCD is a game-changer, letting you shoot from any imaginable angle without contorting yourself into a pretzel.

The upgraded touchscreen itself is super responsive, making navigating menus and tweaking settings a breeze.

The A7IV is packed with pro-level features that’ll have you feeling like a seasoned photographer and videographer in no time. We’re talking 10fps continuous shooting, in-body image stabilisation that practically eliminates shaky hands, and dual SD card slots for extra photo insurance.

And if you’re into getting your editing fingers dirty, you’ll be stoked about the 10-bit internal recording and S-Log for some serious colour grading shenanigans.

The best part? All this awesomeness comes at a price that won’t leave you broken. At around $2,500 USD, the A7IV is a steal compared to its pricier siblings.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newbie with a twinkle in your eye and a thirst for photography, this camera is a total game-changer.

Check out some of the stand out vids that we shot with the Sony A7IV (ILCE-7M4) above and head over to their website for more info.