Check out these amazing high-definition images of Jupiter

NASA has released a stunning new series of images of Jupiter in all its glory! These never-before-seen high-definition photos are a collection of 30 incredibly detailed shots of our solar system’s largest planet.

And with life changing so dramatically here on Earth due to the coronavirus outbreak, is it any wonder that we are turning to other planets in our solar system?


Check out this collection of 30 high-resolution images of planet Jupiter and escape the terrible stuff happening on planet Earth!

The incredible images of Jupiter have been collected since 2016 when Nasa’s Juno spacecraft first reached the overcast southern hemisphere of the planet. The spacecraft was first utilised by scientists to monitor the planet and capture useful information about the physical changes occurring on Jupiter – which exists just 777.39 million km from Earth.

Known as a ‘gassy planet’, Jupiter’s climate can be turbulent at times – with tumultuous storms and overcast clouds common occurrences as part of life on the planet. Luckily, the Juno spacecraft was able to capture these events in crystal-clear high-resolution pictures in which the spacecraft was just one Earth diameter from Jupiter in some of the images.

You can check out the full gallery on NASA’s website here.