Look at all these amazing photos from David Bowie’s least amazing film

Because even when the film he’s in goes to shit, you can bet your ass that David Bowie still looks a million bucks. Here we see the Thin White Duke on the set of Just A Gigolo, a 1978 box office disaster directed by David Hemmings.

david bowie just a gigolo

Just A Gigolo: the 1979 film which David Bowie professed as his least favourite. Yet despite on-set disappointments and a tragic reception, Bowie still looked damn good.

In a 1980 interview with NME, Bowie had the following to say about the flick:

“Everybody who was involved in that film – when they meet each other now, they look away… Listen, you were disappointed, and you weren’t even in it. Imagine how we felt… It was my 32 Elvis Presley movies rolled into one.”

It was Bowie’s first film role following cult favourite The Man Who Fell To Earth, which starred the starman himself as a gaunt alien trying to integrate into earthen society. Just A Gigolo played more to Bowie’s post-war Berlin circumstance than it did to his earlier affinity for the extra-terrestrial, but despite his initial enthusiasm for the role, the film bombed.

Gleaning unanimously bad reviews upon its release, the film was promptly pulled from cinemas. At least we have these photos.

Via Dangerous Minds.