Check out this rare footage of The White Stripes performing at Coachella in 2003

Coachella is a yearly music festival known around the world for its huge headlining acts. But the festival is making news for a different reason right now… they’ve just released some rare high-quality footage of The White Stripes as part of a new documentary.

Coachella’s new 20 Years In The Desert documentary has just hit Youtube as an original series. To flag attention to the doco, they’ve dropped new footage of The White Stripes performing in 2003.

Posting on Twitter, Coachella treated fans to a 2003 performance from The White Stripes at the Californian music festival.

The 2003 Coachella footage is free of the fan-shot grainy videos we’ve become familiar with. Rather, the footage is a clear recording of the band at the festival in ’03 performing their well-known tracks Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground.

Drumming up publicity for its documentary, Coachella recently celebrated 20 years running since it first debuted in 1999. Due to coronavirus health and safety issues, the festival has been postponed until October this year but it is unclear as to whether to event will be cancelled completely.

To hold us over, check out the documentary on Youtube now to see more footage of a number of major acts over the past twenty years. Or simply eat up this taste of The White Stripes 2003 performance: