New database reveals which Sydney suburbs could ease restrictions first

While we’ve been watching Tiger King or buying vinyl in lockdown, the University of Sydney have been keeping productive.

They’ve just released an interactive database, which is not only helpful for avoiding areas where the threat of coronavirus is higher, but also provides insight into which Sydney suburbs could first see restrictions being lifted.

University of Sydney
Photo: Brendon Thorn/Getty Images

University of Sydney researchers have created a database which compares how different Sydney suburbs have been affected by coronavirus.

At some point during self-isolation, we’ve all asked ourselves where is safe and where isn’t? University of Sydney researchers Adam Kamradt Scott, Eleanor Bruce, and Adam Dunn have just answered that question.

Utilising information from NSW Health and data from the ABS, this interactive database offers the public insight into the spread of the virus around the state. The aim of the database is to reveal which areas are more at risk of widespread transmissions. Each suburb has the most recent statistics on coronavirus cases. Those more vulnerable, such as people over 60 and economically disadvantaged families are also taken into calculation.

The database has been able to pinpoint the more at-risk locations, such as Bondi. It’s also revealed areas where coronavirus restrictions could be eased.

“There are some areas, particularly in Northern NSW and Western NSW – that have not recorded any cases,” Professor Kamradt Scott observed.

This knowledge could have huge implications for residents of NSW as well as State and Federal Governments. Kamradt Scott believes, A local area would need to record no, or a small number of transmissions for a minimum of 28 days before restrictions could be eased safely.”

You can check out the database for yourself here.