Childsaint – Dessert

There is a sense of struggle in Childsaint’s sublime and stormy single Dessert. They trace halos and summon them to change course. A prophecy of golden light claws from out of the darkness.

A fluttering stranger finds sense within the swirling pattern of shadows. Twinkling riffs heavy with reverb contrast enigmatic guitars strumming power chords over a magnetic beat. The Australian girls behind this organised chaos sing soulful melodies with glittering resonance. The layers are conflicting yet, resemble a delicate balance and uninterrupted peace.

childsaint band

Tension, turmoil and tundra. Truly teleportive tunes from Childsaint.

Swept up in their whirlwind of ambivalence, each pause creates a desired tension, and within each deceptive moment of stillness is a distinct sensation of movement and urgency. The rhythm is flowing, the beat domineering and the vocals strong. Distant cries have a sombre, dusty appeal which shifts ever-so slightly into focus as the track progresses, marching towards a zenith where all of these forces combine to broaden the depth of sound and emotional sensibilities of Dessert.

The single moves at walking pace and like a journey through an unfamiliar city, we are struck with interest and slightly overwhelmed at how much of the sky is covered by looming shapes of indifference. The reflective and mutli-dimensional sound won’t be ignored and creeks into the corners of your mind, asking you question after question.

The lyrics are atmospheric and possess raw emotion. Their only limitation is that like a foreign tongue they are indistinguishable. At times the track can be blinding, shimmering with a vibrant palette of colours. Unearthing their secrets and the message beyond the sparkling noise is difficult and overridden by the smoky tone. Though, their music doesn’t need to be understood or categorized. Theirs is a universal language and within the sound we can guess the underlying significance, avoiding the lengthy explanation….