Video Premiere: Fox and Fowl

Last time we visited the dudes from Fox and Fowl, we took a look at their imagery and how they had potential to be a quintessential band of contemporary Triple J guitar music. The article that resulted read in a markedly unhappy way, and after it was published, I sat eagerly awaiting my first angry email from some boso in the music biz. When I did finally receive an email from their publicist, it was asking us to premiere the video for the single Jungle Punch. Looks like I’ll have to be more scathing next time…

fox and fowl jungle punch

This is your brain. This is your brain on Jungle Punch.

Anyway, here it is, the video for Jungle Punch. Rather than being a combo move for Blanka in Street Fighter, Jungle Punch appears to be some sort of delicious pineapple based beverage, but I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that there’s a secret ingredient in the recipe. A magical, mushroomy ingredient that is…

First seen consumed on old mate’s deck in the first moments of the video, the beverage in question seems to have almost instantaneous effects – immediately the subjects under observation begin to see cartoon thunderbolts floating in the air, lime green dotted outlines appear on the surrounding foliage and there is talk of shadows beginning to creep from the dark depths of the garden.

There doesn’t seem to be any nauseating effects, although dissociation with the world around the users appears to be common side effect of getting on the Jungle Punch. The consumers are depicted wandering around the jungle – not exploring, not looking for something, almost as though they are sleepwalking through the leaves with a pained expression on their faces.

It’s not until about three quarters into the trip that the body effects begin to take hold – the sense of spinning around while also remaining stationary is a common effect and can make some consumers become sick, especially when combined with the well known effect of Jungle Punch reducing the framerate at which your eyes perceive light – many users say it is like looking at a stop motion film. Illusory patterns can persist for up to 4 hours after consumption.

If you’d like to get your hands on some Jungle Punch, then you might have to book a trip to Thailand. Fox and Fowl also have an EP coming out, which I was lucky enough to have a listen to. There’s a trumpet on there, among a lot more JJJcore tastiness. Don’t bother staying tuned for a release date, you’ll know when this one is out – it’ll be all over the AU Review.