Covid fears see China put ‘line of separation’ on Mount Everest

Fears surrounding Miss Rona’s domination have conquered China, as the country prepares to introduce “line of separation” on Mount Everest.

The devastating impact of COVID-19 on India has reached a boiling point, with cases bubbling over to Nepal. In a desperate bid to prevent spillage into their country, China are preparing a line of separation on the summit of Mount Everest. The objective is to restrict contact between climbers from either side and prevent further virus transmissions.

Details regarding the line are under speculation, with sources yet to confirm its appearance and how, or if, it will be monitored.

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Image: CNN

China has enforced harsh restrictions on climbers eager to conquer Everest, approving only 21 permits since the beginning of the year. Contrastingly, Nepal have approved 408 climber permits.

China’s harsh restrictions since the virus’s conception have paid off. However, the Nepalese Governments relaxed approach to restrictions have put the country and its people in danger, as they now struggles to keep cases under control.

Within the last 24 hours, 8,842 new cases have been recorded, bringing Nepal’s total number of active cases to 105,207.


The impact of this most recent covid spike has weighed heavy on the Nepalese, as resources become strained and citizens turn fearful for the future.

The current situation shows frightening similarities with that of India, as hospitals turn away new patients due to a lack of facilities available. The reality looks bleak, as Nepal calls upon China for resources to prevent people from dying.

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Image: Nepal Scouts

In the meantime, Nepal are relying on any form of assistance in desperate attempts to improve the situation. Climbers and Sherpas are being urged to return their oxygen bottles instead of discarding them on the mountainside, as these can be refilled and used to treat coronavirus patients in desperate need.

Additionally, young volunteers called the ‘Nepal Scouts’ are doing their bit to contribute:


Hopefully, Nepal experience further aid from international sources as India currently has. Singapore has recently donated over “$3.2 million” to assist with the detrimental effects of the virus on the country.