This Dark Destiny unleashes a brutal new single ‘The Great Collapse’

New Zealand death metal band, This Dark Destiny, thrash out an earthquake of a tune called The Great Collapse, in anticipation of their debut album.

The New Zealand doom metal band, This Dark Destiny, shake the ground we stand on with their new single The Great Collapse. 

Saturated in gothic guitar riffs and death defying screams, the Christchurch group delve into the dark world of death metal, without fear.

This Dark Destiny

The band was formed in 2008 by Samuel Keen, relishing the heavier themes that are often left unspoken. The single is the fifth track on the upcoming LP The Gravity of Disbelief, a project featuring members of The Snake Behaviour, Fall Of Them and Acolyte.

The Great Collapse pulls the ground from under you, with juggernaut vocals that shatter glass and shake the walls. Samuel Keen explains “This Dark Destiny showcases a haunting glimpse into humanity and our relationship with nature”. 

The allure of this brand of intense metal — and This Dark Destiny in particular — is that there is no bullshit. The lyrics of The Great Collapse are as hard-hitting as its grinding guitars, double-kick explosions and vocals emanating from a dark place of haunting passion. The track is quite literally, a great collapse, crumbling with every cymbal slam and soaring guitar melody.

Have a listen to This Dark Destiny’s destructive single, The Great Collapse: