Crackhead dish up comedy and metal in their outrageous sophomore EP

Crackhead dish up comedy and metal in their outrageous sophomore EP

Once in a lifetime do you find something so indescribably repulsive that it borders on iconic just from the pure nerve it has to exist. Crackhead may just be that.

The Sydney based grindcore group now have two EP’s under their belt and each one is just as heavy, hard hitting, and side-splitting as the other.


CrackheadCatch Crackhead on their debut Melbourne shows this weekend performing songs like Mary Had A Little Crack, Chewbaccah, and Demon Kitty (Meow)

The Sydney based group have delivered an EP doused in grimey, lo-fi, incoherent death core that leaves you utterly bewildered. From re-imagined nursery rhymes to South Park and Star Wars references, the Smackhead EP actually offers something diverse. Jacking iconic pub rock riffs on Yeah’tallica, the band take the piss on the whole genre of pub rock in a concise, hilarious and on the head 32-seconds.

My personal favourite from the release is Mary Had A Little Crack.

Dissect the lyrics for your self below.

“Mary had a little crack, 
She smoked it out a Bowl. 
Everywhere that Mary went, 
The crack was sure to go.”

Crackhead are making their way out of the Sydney cesspool to devastate Melbourne audiences for the first time this coming weekend.

Immaculate Defecation have chucked on an extensive grindcore line up at the unsuspecting Tote on Saturday. Joining Crackhead for what is sure to be 12 of the shortest sets the iconic Collingwood venue’s ever seen are Durry (NSW), Gutless, Suppresant, Uncle Geezer among a slew of others.

You’ll be able to enjoy a tranquil Sunday afternoon at Last Chance’s Rock n Roll bar with Crackhead, Kinesthesis, XcolonelslamdersX and Empty Gesture among a few recurring faces from the on the 25th Aug.

Check out Smackhead and tour dates below:

Crackhead shows:

24 Aug – The Tote, Melbourne, VIC – Event Here
25 Aug – The Last Chance Rock and Roll, Melbourne, VIC – Event Here