Jeremy Zucker’s new single is a spellbinding emotional masterpiece

There’s something about  Jeremy Zucker‘s music that puts you in a spellbinding trance, with a distinct sound that fuses organic airy beats, lush cinematic soundscapes and biting Tumblr-worthy lyricism, his eclectic music is equally as carefree and effortless as it is introspectively cathartic.

Before entrancing listeners worldwide, the 21-year-old singer-songwriter, producer, and self-described “social introvert” had been quietly carving out his distinct sound from his bedroom in suburban New Jersey while attending college.

Jeremy Zucker’s new single oh, mexico is simultaneously uplifting and cathartic, and will leave you in a spellbound trance.

Since the release of his 2015 debut EP Beach Island, Jeremy Zucker has awoken a solid fan-base, which continued to grow with the release of his 2017 breakout single talk is overrated (ft. Blackbear), and the 2018 gem all the kids are depressed. He’s continued his upward mobility by outdoing himself with comethru, a single that has reached an impressive 437million streams, coupled with over 120million views on its video. Now, his growth continues as he releases arguably his best track yet – oh, mexico.

Zucker crafts a spellbinding experience on oh, mexico. It’s as emotional and nostalgic as it is uplifting and dazzling. The lyrics have a genuine feel to them, they’re raw and heartfelt, at it’s core, this track is emotionally honest. His lyrics address the pretty difficult-to-understand emotions and numbness that can come with mental illness, as well as the destructive tendencies that often follow, such as self-harm and wanting to run away instead of facing your demons. “So I pierce my skin and I buzz my hair. I’m going to Mexico”

Zucker has an incredible knack for proving that heavy topics don’t need a heavy tone. This gorgeous tune has an elevated feel, with effortless vocals that are smooth, yet raspy, hung across sweet soft acoustic guitar tones. It’s delivered with an incredible restraint that will put you into a daydream that’s warm, yet cloudy. The track stays, for the most part, in this simplistic reverie, clouded in nostalgia.

oh, mexico comes to a shimmering climax around two minutes in, and it’s an unexpected delight. It’s the light at the end of the tunnel. With the addition of twinkling synths, buoyant percussion, and angelic vocal overdubs, the mood changes from wistful to hopeful in a matter of seconds.

After listening to this track, it’s easy to see why Jeremy Zucker has had such a rapid rise to fame. He’s demonstrated versatility in both his vocals and his production skills, as well as immense growth over the last few years, from his first single to now. One thing is for sure: this guy is one to watch, with proven potential to establish himself among the big names in the music industry.

Judging by the quality of everything he’s produced so far, I think we can safely expect even bigger things to come from this budding star in the future. In the meantime, do yourself a favour and listen to the new single above.

Check out Jeremy’s breakout single comrethru below: