Chloe Kay and The Crusade have captured our hearts with their new single ‘Locked Down’

Locked Down is the new single from Sydney-based group Chloe Kay and The Crusade, and my what a sweet and beautiful track it is.

The song is minimalist in approach with only the sounds of a delicately fingered blues-tone guitar weaved through the gentle wavering vocals of Chloe Kay.

Kay, a lover of blues and roots, demonstrates not only a depth of knowledge in the genre but also a charming finesse in her execution of it with a track like Locked Down. 

The new track affirms that the collective could take on tiny rooms of six or seven, right up to festival stages with upwards of a few thousand listening on to the enchanting melodies key to the group’s absorbing sound.

Somewhere between Beyoncé and a modern-day Etta James, Chloe Kay is a master at capturing the hearts of love-sick wanderers, giving them a place to find refuge in her soulful preaching of the classic pains of a tremulous relationship.

The gentle and unforceful guitar of Brazillian jazz-master Lucas Diniz does the perfect job at licking the wounds of hopeless romantics the world around by finding just the right moments in the song to fill with his distinctive guitar trills and slides.

Coming from an extensive background of music journalism, it’s clear that Chloe Kay has applied her knowledge of the blues and roots greats to her own music production.

Locked Down is such a caramel recording, it’s hard to believe it was recorded live in a kitchen. If anything, it’s just further testament to the ability of Chloe Kay and the Crusade are capable in delivering performances of exceptional quality no matter where they are.

Stream Locked Down below: