Busby Marou capture the mesmerising innocence of childhood on their new single ‘Everything Is Beautiful’

Busby Marou’s first original release in more than two years, Everything Is Beautiful, is a gorgeous reflection of the good in the world.

Rockhampton blues and roots duo Busby Marou have exceeded expectations once again with their latest release Everything Is Beautiful.

Off the back of their recent covers of Van Morrison’s Days Like This and Missing Person by Split Enz, Thomas Busby and Jeremy Marou are back to creating their usual melodic landscapes.

Busby Marou

The picturesque lyrics are guaranteed to hook you in, then, the jarring pause before the first hook will have you locked in a tight grasp.

The conception of this track is probably the most wholesome thing ever so prepare yourself… The duo had a chance to spend some downtime with their families, and the song was inspired as the pair attempted to view the world through the eyes of their children.

Speaking on the track, Thomas Busby explained, “It’s just like, ‘Wow, everything was great, always, when we were kids. Why are we so negative? Is it social media? Is it all the stuff that’s going on? What is it?’ But there’s an uplifting piece of hope in the feeling of the music, and in the lyrics, suggesting that maybe we can all be happy again.”

The accompanying music video is equally as sweet, capturing intimate portraits of a collection of faces.

Director Sean Gilligan is the mastermind behind the clip, who has also worked with the likes of Birds Of Tokyo, The Living End, Silverchair, and Missy Higgins.

Have a listen to Everything Is Beautiful below.