Chris Arnott wrestles mental illness on stunning new tune Fighting With The Devil

Some choose to fight the bad out there in the world; the authorities, charity workers and heroes amongst us. But far more commonly, we find ourselves wrestling with the darkness within ourselves.

Fighting With The Devil is the latest single from Chris Arnott, a song about a friend who lost the battle with his own demons.

“Alas, he is just one of a growing number”, says Arnott, “and it absolutely breaks my heart.”

chris arnott fighting with the devil

Chris Arnott sings for the dearly departed on Fighting With The Devil, a stirring ballad for mental illness sufferers everywhere.

After spending almost 20 years practicing and performing music, Chris Arnott has seen it all. After flirting with several styles, he finally came to the realisation that he was most comfortable where he started; with soft, folky tunes about the world around him.

Thus, Fighting With The Devil marks a much-anticipated return to form for Arnott, or at least to comfort. It’s fitting then, that it was a song about an old friend.

The song itself is simple and effective, enriched by the strength of its substance. Repetitive guitar work undercuts the spellbinding vocals, lifting the track to almost hypnotic levels.

“I wanted a super simple approach to this song, the overall tone is quite bleak and flat, the Rhodes detuned to the hilt and the timpani ostinato unrelenting, not unlike the depression that consumes too many of us.”

“But most of all it is pretty, because, for the most part, life is.” 

Not one to do things half-cut, Arnott wrote, produced, and recorded Fighting With The Devil himself.

Having spent most of his recent history locked into a studio, Chris Arnott doesn’t currently have any live shows on the calendar. What you can look forward to is new music – coming very soon.