PREMIERE: Jay Le Kat will soothe your soul in dreamy, ethereal folk offering Home

Formerly one half electronic duo GRRL PAL, Perth-based Jay Grafton has reinvented herself as Jay Le Kat, taking a new turn musically and getting back in touch with her acoustic roots.

Inspired by a past love, Home obviously resonates with Grafton on a deeply personal level. Drawing upon past experiences to inspire her songwriting in the present, Home is an effortless display of Grafton’s honest lyricism.

Grafton has returned to the dreamy acoustic vibes she once left behind, releasing her first ever song as Jay Le Kat, Home.

The four minute track is a revelation of her thoughts and feelings as she revisits the moment when she first met her love. With lyrics like, “There were shots fired when you looked at me”, and “You’re home to me”, the track radiates with a profound beauty and raw emotion, sure to hit you straight in the chest.

Home is a wash of acoustic guitar, gentle keystrokes and vague atmospheric synths, tied together by Grafton’s angelic vocals, making the whole song feel like an ethereal, dream-like experience.

The soothing track is a narrative about falling in love, oozing with passion and demonstrating the full potential of Grafton’s voice. Recorded in the 500-year-old home of producer Guy Prall in Kent, London and mixed by Ash Krajewski, Home is an immaculate yet minimalistic masterpiece.

With Home being the first official release under Jay Le Kat, it’s clear the future is looking pretty promising for this talented young songstress. We can’t wait to see what else she has in store.