PREMIERE: Float straight up to heaven with Baltimöre’s dreamy new single Runaway

Out of Australia’s southernmost reaches, Baltimöre is the experimental pop project of Tasmania’s Sarah Charlotte. With a penchant for powerful production and proficient vocal melodies, she’s new to the game but showing all signs of success.

Today Baltimöre drops Runaway, a shining new cut to follow up debut single Skin Scenes. We had a chat to the artist to dive a little deeper into the release.

Baltimöre runaway

Harbouring classical melodies intertwined with dreamlike modern production, Baltimöre’s latest single Runaway stakes her claim as an artist to watch.

HAPPY: This song is part reality, part fantasy. Can you talk about the real life situation that led to you writing Runaway?

SARAH: A bad breakup I had in the past.

HAPPY: And the fantasy?

SARAH: I become a protagonist in Runaway, a story about revenge and mystery. It is up to listeners what they want to make out of the song.

HAPPY: You also describe it as a ‘declaration of independence’. Could you elaborate?

SARAH: The unrealistic idea that one can be free from bad experiences.

HAPPY: Runaway was recorded in a pretty DIY fashion, right? Do you tend to like that vibe in your tunes? Why?

SARAH: It is functional, it is what works for me and It is what I have the most fun doing!

HAPPY: Tell us about any shows you have coming up. Any surprises in store for the punters?

SARAH: Falls is going be unpredictable. And anything else that will follow, is going to be even more unpredictable.