Some legend made a 25-minute supercut of every “fuck” uttered in a Tarantino film

Quentin Tarantino’s films have a dirty mouth. It’s part of their charm; and his use of the word “fuck” is particularly exquisite.

As we know, it’s a versatile word, infinitely malleable and widely applicable. One study actually went to great lengths to break down different incarnations “fuck” used in Tarantino films (12), noting (quite incisively) that the word can be used as both a transitive verb and an intransitive verb, as a noun and an interjection. But how many times has the word actually been uttered in a Tarantino film? Some legend watched them all to find out.

quentin tarantino fuck

Some legend made a 25-minute supercut of every single “fuck” uttered in a Quentin Tarantino film – a whopping 1371 in total. Watch below.

A YouTuber named mewlists (who – yep you guessed it – make lists about movies), compiled every single “fuck” uttered in a movie that was written by Tarantino. Clocking in at a whopping 26 minutes and 37 seconds, the “fuck counter” increases fairly rapidly, packing in 1371 fucks in total.

The films featured include everything from My Best Friend’s Birthday (1987) to Django Unchained (2012). However, the rules for the video were fairly strict – mewlist only included dialogue that was written by Tarantino, meaning Natural Born Killers (which was only based off a Tarantino screenplay) was not included, nor were the parts of Four Rooms not written by Tarantino.

Being a few years old, it also excludes 2015’s The Hateful Eight, but in case you were wondering, that film features the word “fuck” a meagre 18 times, which is pretty fucking soft if you ask us (Reservoir Dogs dropped 200 “fucks” alone). Anyway, check it out below. It’s a fucking good time.