Righteous riffage and retro rhythms: time to rock along with Adelaide’s Sellars

It goes without saying that some of the country’s strongest musos were practicing the trade from a young age. Multi-instrumentalists Andrew and Duncan Sellars occupy this corner of the biz, siphoning their musical upbringing into a tasty two-piece.

Operating under their last name Sellars, they’ve been busting out pristine indie rock since they officially formed in 2013.


Combining pop hooks, garage rock tones and a sonic influence as wide as the ocean, Sellars are Adelaide’s one-stop-shop for serious Australian riffage.

While their two releases to date demonstrate a distinctly garage or pop punk sound, Andrew and Duncan’s sphere of influence extends much, much further. After a childhood spent diving through their parents’ vinyl collection and mucking around on whichever instruments they could get their paws on, it really comes as no surprise.

Their latest, a jam named Linear Time, showcases this far-reaching knowledge base distilled into crowd-friendly atmospherics. Firmly taking heed from past luminaries like The Beatles or Eagles as well as contemporaries Jack White or Queens of the Stone Age, it’s a righteous mash-up of everything rock ‘n’ roll music stands to be.

Speaking of the track, Sellars shared that they “want you to get lost in positive contemplation and provide some comfort. It’s just a plea really to achieve a higher vibration.”

Recorded from the comfort of the brothers’ home studio in Adelaide, every instrumental on the track was performed by either Andrew or Duncan. From the ripped-out guitar work to driving percussion to the snarling vocals, you can be sure that everything you’re hearing is coming straight from Sellars.

So far Sellars have cut their teeth through a slew of local gigs around South Australia, playing to hometown crowds which keep on swelling. If their work to date is anything to go by, they’ll be playing a few bigger ones in the year to come.