Mad props to Bacardi for saucing up our Issue 6 Launch!

In case you missed it, we knocked off another launch party for our print issue Happy Mag over the weekend.

This time we welcomed seven of our absolute favourite Sydney acts into the fray, including a very special secret headliner in Phantastic Ferniture.

bacardi happy mag issue 6 launch
Photo: Dani Hansen

Can’t have a party without booze, and Bacardi delivered it in full at our Happy Mag Issue 6 Launch.

Once again The Lady Hampshire was packed to the brim, but unlike our last launch we were treated to a new bar in the sublime back area. And we have the legends at Bacardi to thank for it.

Bacardi were nice enough to hook the party up with a $10 Mojito deal, which the crowds were more than happy to get behind. Maybe even a few too many, if my own recollections are correct.

Thanks for the good times!

Missed the Issue 6 Launch? Check out our after-movie below, and suss out all our shots here.