Heartbreak and infatuation: guilty pleasures abound on Swaine Delgado’s debut EP

The debut EP from dreamy, electro-pop artist Swaine Delgado is a sweet exploration into different facets of infatuation and love.

At once brimming with the excitement of new romance and a forlorn sense of love lost, Run Boy, Run delves into tenderness in all its most powerful forms.

Swaine Delgado

Run Boy, Run is a slickly-produced EP that gets us caught up in the whims of love and infatuation, but also overthinking, doubt and messing around with a girl (or guy) you like – things we’ve all been guilty of doing before.

Opener Liquor Love is a mid-tempo, electronic and RnB-heavy track that makes you feel like you’re an absolutely infatuated, hopelessly romantic teenager all over again. Overthinking, doubting yourself and not being able to sleep – do these sound familiar to you?

“So would you run away, run away with me?” Runaway is a whimsical track with steady, electronic percussive elements and soft, secretive vocals that take us back to wanting to run away with someone we’ve really liked before.

“It’s always Australia Day” in 308, which evokes a sense of timelessness and our singer sipping away on beer in a sun-drenched balcony while coming to terms with the end of something, like a relationship.

Messed Up is all about that girl (or guy) we like but decide to mess around instead, and we know they know we’ve been messing with them.

Run, Boy Run is an EP for those in love, whether it’s crippling or invigorating. If you find yourself paralysed by that force, this EP is for you.


Run Boy, Run is available on all streaming platforms now.