The Freq Collect. and REED. interview each other

Firstly, if you haven’t already listened to Run, the latest single from The Freq Collect. (a.k.a. Dion Driver), stop what you’re doing and go listen to it now. The track is lush and sultry, melding deep grooves with irresistibly smooth vocal delivery.

Fresh off the single’s release, Driver caught up with the man responsible for those slick vocals, REED., to chat about musical influence, processes, and heaps more.

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With a brilliant new collaborative single hot off the press, Kiwi artists The Freq Collect. and REED. caught up with one another for a chat.

The Freq Collect. interviews REED.

THE FREQ COLLECT: Where did music start for you?

REED: For me, music started in the back seat of the car when travelling between Mum and Dads house. I tell you what… the amount of times I used to get told to be quiet in the back. I started taking it seriously at 12 or 13.

THE FREQ COLLECT: What influences you as an artist outside of music?

REED: I guess I just like to pride myself on being a good human and take that from the people I constantly hang out with. I feel the people you hang out with create the person you are.

THE FREQ COLLECT: Was there a particular kind of music you could not get enough of growing up? I feel like we’ve both got some old-school flavours coming through.

REED: I just loved groove and soul, so anything that made me move and feel something at the same time. The Bee Gees were a massive guilty pleasure.

THE FREQ COLLECT: Is there anything you find helps to keep the creative inspiration going? Surreellly you’ve encountered writer’s block a few times?

REED: Writers Block is the worst yea but I will just listen to my influences and pick about their songs until I hear a melody that I could use or an element that I really like and build off of that.

THE FREQ COLLECT: You’ve been my go-to guy for fire melodies and lyrics thus far. What inspired the lyrics for Run? (ps it just dropped last week! FYI!)

REED: Honestly, you showed me that track and the chorus melody and lyrics were on the tip of my tongue. I tend to finish the first half of songs and leave it to fester up meaning for a bit and then will continue to finish it off. Run just felt like a song I could listen to and escape.

THE FREQ COLLECT: You’re on a road trip with your mates and they’ve given you the aux cord, what song are you playing first?

REED: Darlin’ Darlin’ Baby (Sweet, Tender, Love) The O’Jays. It slams

THE FREQ COLLECT: How do you feel after releasing your first couple of tunes? It’s been a learning curve I feel for both of us releasing music ourselves. Are you thinking about the next release?

REED: Releasing songs feel so good. It’s so addicting. I’m currently working on my E.P. and hopefully will release a few songs before dropping it.

THE FREQ COLLECT: Your debut single Never Be is a hot tune, what else is hot these days?

REED: I’m not sure if you’ve heard about it but Run by The Freq Collect. and REED. is fire

THE FREQ COLLECT: What’s your preferred beverage?

REED: Never really been a beverage boy but it’d probably have to be a flat white or a long black.

THE FREQ COLLECT: What’s the first thing you do to unwind after a long day?

REED: I’m addicted to podcasts atm and watching comedy sketches

THE FREQ COLLECT: Go-to breakfast?

REED: Bagels with the works!

THE FREQ COLLECT: Which do you prefer, writing or performing?

REED: I think I am more comfortable with writing but performing a song for the first time feels pretty awesome too.

THE FREQ COLLECT: Who’s another artist you can’t get enough of right now?

REED: Paige, she is releasing some amazing songs.

THE FREQ COLLECT: What’s the last movie you’ve watched that’s affected you?

REED: Back to the Future for the 132nd time.

THE FREQ COLLECT: What do you hope listeners to get from your music?

REED: I just want them to smile, have fun, and feel a certain way. Hopefully, the way they feel can change with each song.

REED. interviews The Freq Collect.

REED: How did you get into music and what the first instrument you learnt?

THE FREQ COLLECT: This will surprise people but my first instrument was actually a piano accordion when I was about 5 or 6 years old, it wasn’t until high-school when I really became passionate about music. Starting with the drums and moving on to guitar and bass. I was fascinated with how those different instruments worked together in a rock band environment and became obsessed with trying to figure it all out.

REED: If you were to only play one instrument for the rest of your life what would it be?

THE FREQ COLLECT: Hmmm… that’s tough to decide but I’m definitely most comfortable behind the kit, I’d happily just play drums for the rest of my life haha.

REED: Favourite snack and beverage combo?

THE FREQ COLLECT: At the moment I’ve been going for an iced tea and a pastry. Can’t go wrong tbh.

REED: Top 3 inspirations?

THE FREQ COLLECT: Kevin Parker for his creative process being a bit similar to mine, I identify with him a lot. Kanye for his confidence, and my closest friendships for helping through the rough stuff. In no particular order.

REED: What’s next on the agenda for The Freq Collect.?

THE FREQ COLLECT: More music! Pushing to get this EP wrapped up and hopefully get a killer live show together so I can start playing gigs!

REED: To support local, give a shout out to 3 other artist making their way through the music scene.

THE FREQ COLLECT: Shout out to my mates NÜ and Daizzy! and for a while now my favourite NZ band has been Daffodils.

REED: Favourite go-to Spotify playlist?

THE FREQ COLLECT: I’ve made one recently that has all my musical friends releases on it, it’s such a feel-good playlist knowing your mates also make music too. Plus I have a lot of liked songs in my profile that I shuffle, anything with a strong bass-line gets saved to it.

REED: Was there a certain moment that you told yourself, “yea I’m going to follow the music path?”

THE FREQ COLLECT: I was in the middle of a gap year where I was just stacking shelves at the supermarket, and I found it so soul-crushing aye. I told myself I’m never settling for a job like this again. And that has been the motivator for me to make this music thing work, I’m definitely a happier person pursuing music!

REED: I know they are your babies, for me, they always change but could you rank your releases from 1-3?

THE FREQ COLLECT: Haha damn… well first is still I Want it, you just can’t beat a 4 on the floor groove aye. Second has to be our new one Run, as I’m quite proud how it sounds, and third is It’s Overrated only because it’s the only other song so far, I love the minimal drum track a lot.

REED: What’s a major goal you want to accomplish within the next 3 years?

THE FREQ COLLECT: To have a critical album out in the world and play a post-COVID tour overseas.

REED: How important do you think collaboration is?

THE FREQ COLLECT: I literally would still not have any songs out without it. If you can do it all yourself that’s cool, but for me, I find it’s more rewarding to accept your weaknesses and link up with people that are stronger in those areas. It makes the end result so much better I reckon. And jamming about in your room by yourself can only get you so far.

REED: What’s the first country you will travel to once COVID has finished doing a number on us?

THE FREQ COLLECT: I’d love to go back to the UK. I’ve got awesome friends over there.

REED: Reflecting on this whole journey as The Freq Collect. is there anything you would change?

THE FREQ COLLECT: Hard to say, I don’t really know what The Freq Collect. is supposed to be yet… but calling myself a collective is a concept I definitely want to grow into still. Including yourself and some other artists we know all on stage together would be dope I think! I’m allowing things to take shape in its own time, without trying to put myself in a box just yet. These early singles are just me developing my “sound” as I go really. Why not show people that process?

REED: What do you hope listeners can come away with after jamming your tracks?

THE FREQ COLLECT: That it’s honest, and that The Freq Collect. has a song for every occasion. Hopefully, people listen and want to hear more from me. I’ve got lots of grooves to share!