The Freq Collect. melts melodies into galaxies of RnB on ‘Run’

On his third single, The Freq Collect. casts the burning edges of a relationship into a textured soundscape. A sultry groove unravelled through the twilight, the guitar-driven track is a refreshing sojourn through love and its many complexities. 

Boasting an artistic sensitivity possessed by the industry’s greats, if you haven’t heard of The Freq Collect. (a.k.a. Dion Driver) by now, you’ll be seeing a lot more of him soon. 

To melt space into sound is a skill that takes many a lifetime to master. The Freq Collect. has not only triumphed this technique but made it uniquely his own.   

Harking from New Zealand, 23-year-old Dion Driver has spent the last two years spinning scenes into luscious grooves. Where most producers opt to champion effects or artificial additives to emit emotion, The Freq Collect. dials back. There’s certainly a quality of refinement that echoes from his releases; tracks that don’t waste any time achieving what they need to. 

Employing the help of his classmate and fellow artist REEDRun certainly doesn’t disappoint. The track blends Driver’s soothing mixes into a swinging R&B/Pop catalogue, serving up a soundscape that feels suspiciously similar to an autumn sunset. Creating a space in which deep bass burns with stunning colour, and sparkling guitar sweeps through like a cooling breeze.


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Taking influences from the likes of J Dilla, Tom Misch, and Mac AyesRun spends three whole minutes swaying through silky notes that you didn’t know you needed until just now. Driver’s report card is just evidence of this sonic aptitude.

Boasting over 50,000 streams on his debut single in its first three months, reaching audiences across the globe, and making it onto many acclaimed playlists alongside the likes of Tame Impala and Pond, it seems that there’s no slowing down the New Zealand powerhouse.

Check out Run below: