Chris Hemsworth becomes ambassador of small NSW town

Aussie Hollywood star Chris Hemsworth has agreed to visit Cowra after a campaign asking him to become their ambassador got his attention.

The online campaign called “Get Chris to Cowra” caught the eye of the Thor actor, who has now agreed to visit the Central West NSW town, just shy of 13,000 people, next year.

Locals were amazed that their online campaign – which was created to boost the town’s tourism after a drought – actually got recognition from the superstar. 

Image: Cowra Guardian

Cowra Tourism manager Glenn Daley told ABC News he was in “A little bit of disbelief,” when he found out Hemsworth had accepted their offer on his Instagram:

I was actually out in the paddock doing some farm stuff, and the assistant manager called and said ‘we’ve got him’!


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Daley says he has the perfect way to thank Hemsworth for helping to promote the small NSW town – a 40-metre tall, 10-metre wide statue of the actor called The Big Chris.

I’m going to have to have a chat to him about that to see what his thoughts are,” Mr Daley said. “Obviously now we can’t make it bald and fat because he is coming. We just need to make sure he’s comfortable with his likeness being used in Cowra.

As to what Hemsworth will be doing during his tour, Daley had a few ideas.

We’ll definitely take him out to dinner [and] have a couple of beers with him,” also saying he’d “love to take him out onto (Wyangala) dam where he can have a surf.”

While the visit doesn’t have a set date yet, Daley says the extra time will “allow us to do more on the marketing campaign. Not only that, we need some time to dust off the good china and give the town a bit of a once-over to make sure it’s Chris-worthy,”

Hemsworth signed on to be Tourism Australia’s global ambassador back in 2016, a role that has already seen him travel extensively throughout Australia.