Public Enemy frontman, Chuck D is set to release a fine art book

Hip-hop pioneer, activist, and artist, Chuck D is set to release his first fine art book to showcase the art he has created before, during, and after his time performing with Public Enemy.

The frontman of the iconic hip-hop group Public Enemy which he co-founded with Flavor Flav in the 80’s is releasing a fine art book Livin Loud (Genesis).

Chuck D,  the founder of one of the most iconic hip hop bands in the world has brought all of his talents together into a new fine art book Livin Loud which is slated for release in November 2022. The book features selected drawings of some of his favourite people, Bob Dylan, Beastie Boys,  Rolling Stones,  Woody Guthrie, Nina Simone, Ice Cube, and Run DMC.  

chuck d new book
Credit: Genesis

The Michale Jordan of Hip hop, Chuck D shares, ‘On tour we had a lot of hotel time. While some people might have decided to go out to a club or the hotel bar, I turned my room into an art studio.’ 

Everything from oil paintings of 1950s baseball fields to pencil sketches of music icons has been curated exclusively.  With over 300 artworks alongside a 13000-word manuscript, Chuck D traces his musical and artistic trajectory. Sharing insights and memories Livin’ Loud is set to be a revealing art collection from one of the greatest minds in hip-hop.

chuck d new book art
Credit: Genesis

In the last six years, I’ve reverted back to the arts, combining all of these elements in my work, still trying to change the world. This is truly what I want to do. My deepest thanks to Genesis (publishers) for giving me a place to be able to display all of this through my artwork.’ – Chuck D

public enemy chuck d new art book
Credit: Genesis