State of Origin singer brutally roasted for Aussie anthem performance

Theatre singer, Matilda Moran is getting roasted for her “terrible rendition” of our national anthem; performed to 52,000 people last night.

Yesterday evening, just before QLD defeated NSW at this year’s State of Origin series, a stadium of 52,000 footy fans, as well as millions of home viewers, were treated to a unique rendition of Advance Australia Fair by theatre singer, Matilda Moran.

Following the performance, hoards of people flocked to Twitter and mocked Matilda’s voice, as well as the shocker of a backing track that blared through the speakers as she sang. One critic declared, “that rendition of the Australian anthem sounded like the Teletubbies remix.”

Credit: Daily Telegraph

Another footy fan wrote, “why does our national anthem sound like a Tik Tok dance…”

Despite all the brutal mockery, there were some nice statements made about the performance: “Love the feeling of hairs rising on your neck when the national anthem is sung at sporting events,” Tweeted an attendee.

Look, we heard it, and honestly, Matlida’s vocals slayed! We reckon her singing voice was on point…but the backing track? not so much. As described by one spectator, the “backing track for the anthem was created on a Casio keyboard by a year 8 music student.” 

Yep, pretty much! In case you haven’t heard the controversial performance yet, here is musical theatre artist, Matilda Moran, belting out Advance Australia Fair, in all of its glory: