Topless State of Origin fan flashed a live TV broadcast

The State of Origin Game 2 kicked off last night and got fans feeling all sorts of ways. One decided to express herself on live TV.

The State of Origin, an NRL game between the New South Wales Blues and the Queensland Maroons, was held in Perth on Sunday night.

While QLD got absolutely smashed by NSW, one of the Perth fans was way too eager before the game even started.

abc flasher
Credit: ABC

An ABC News reporter in Perth was standing outside the stadium, discussing the Origin when the QLD supporter appeared on camera.

The woman appeared on the right of the screen, made eyes with her mates and reached for her shirt.

She then danced across the screen, flashing the camera the whole way.

Although the footage has since been of course blurred, footy fans saw a lot more than they bargained for if they caught the broadcast live.

The Origin Game 2 ended in a disastrous loss for QLD meaning that Game 3, which is being held in Brisbane, will be the ultimate nail-biter.

Let’s just hope the QLD can keep their clothes on for this one.