Chvrches reveal that Billie Eilish heavily influenced their new album: “An advancement in pop music”

Chvrches frontwoman Lauren Mayberry has spoken out about her admiration for Billie Eilish in a new interview with The Guardian.

WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO? is easily one of the most polarising albums of the last decade. Some applauded it, others despised it. Regardless, the record put then-17-year-old Billie Eilish at the front of everyone’s minds, including Scottish synthpop trio Chvrches.

In a new interview, frontwoman Lauren Mayberry has revealed the influence that the record had on the band and her respect for the singer.

billie eilish chvrches lauren mayberry

Late last year, Mayberry sat down with The Guardian to discuss the return of the band and their upcoming LP. When asked about the changing pop landscape, the topic of conversation steered towards Eilish and her 2019 record. “The vocal production is absolutely phenomenal – that is an advancement in pop music,” she told the paper.

“Iain [Cook] and Martin [Doherty] like to be across what is happening for production stuff,” she added. “We want to be aware of it because there’s just awesome pop music and you can learn something from it. Learn the production tricks but don’t learn the other parts: I think that was the challenge of this [our forthcoming] album.”

Chvrches fourth studio album is scheduled to drop in Autumn (April/May) and, according to Mayberry, is a new step for the band. The singer revealed that while the record “definitely [has] the Chvrches DNA,” its songs couldn’t “slot into any of the first three records.”

“We did two albums that existed in a certain space, and by the third record it felt like what we were doing had been popularised by other people,” she concludes. “How do you run that race next to other people? Well, we’ve realised that we don’t have to run that race.”

“You’re never going to win in a race that is saturated by people who are bigger, better and more popular, so you might as well pivot and go somewhere else.”

Listen to Billie Eilish’s debut album below: