Introducing Client Liaison

Bring me the file. The Client Liaison file. We have much to discuss…

With a sartorial style that can only be described as retro corporate chic are Melbourne’s 80s style synth-pop wizards, Client Liaison (amazing name, it has to be said). The pair have a deep love for all things Australian but manage to brew up a type of music that they describe as international. And it’s true – they don’t sound like they’re from Australia. In fact, Client Liaison sound like pure Italo Disco, one of the greatest music genres to ever to be birthed by the music world. Seriously, listen to some.

client liaison

Alpine sports, Australian literature and everybody’s favourite activity, swimming, are listed on their FB page which reads like a tragic dating profile, but because it’s them and they are so effortlessly wonderful, it’s not tragic at all. They also love Bob Hawke, John Farnham and Christopher Skase for his opulent and fraudulent ways. It may come across as a bit of an 80s Australiana parody – but it’s not – there’s some genuine patriotic love going on but it’s totally sophisticated rather than bogan. Can we vote these dudes in as PM?

So, their music. If you are wearing socks, be prepared for them to be blown right off because it is amazingly amazing and so differently different to anything else going on right now. Because their music sounds like a direct import from the 80s, rather than just incorporating a few retro elements, it somehow sounds crazily fresh. It’s pure 80’s dance, with synths galore and drum machines. The vocals just sound sexual with a slick production. Slick like a dude in a suit with a sports car and a bottle of champagne ready to take you away to a secluded island.

Latest single is Free of Fear and it’s the best. It’s perfectly constructed heartfelt dance music with the perfect amount of campness. You’d want to dance your head off listening to this because IT’S TOTALLY FABULOUS DARLING. I’m thinking power suits, shoulder pads, rhinestones, mullets and really severe make up. Make sure you watch the video for it as well. It features cycling, reptiles, Ansett Australia, drinking on the job, dancing WITH BACK UP DANCERS. Immediately go and watch this. Immediately.